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MORE: What the royals' handwriting says about them. The horoscope of Duchess Kate shows she is the perfect foil for Prince William as if they were opposite sides of the same coin. So when the Cancer and Capricorn eclipses occur in July and again in December, both of them will be challenged to make big changes to their lives. They really are tasked with creating a monarchy for the future in and this means potential re-styling of outdated practices to make them relevant and rewarding.


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Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge (Cancer)

I Accept. Fashion News Celebrity style Royal style Hello! Fashion Monthly. She is a conceptual person and will be a great bonus for marketing the monarchy even if she is personally against its restraints. The accident configuration in both their charts is what worries us but Prince Williams is used to his mother being somewhat erratic and will probably be able to handle Kate Middleton because of it. Astrologically speaking, this is not an easy relationship and will affect Prince Williams unless they have children soon which will make her more "normal" and he will feel more grounded! We will have to see how they offset the adverse themes to be able to comment more on this.

The fact that his happiness will not be solely dependent on his wife, but also on how he makes a difference in the lives of so many people, will help the relationship to some extent. Kate's talent for social causes will certainly help him but they both will need some good outlets to sublimate the temper they will stimulate in each other! Their charts are complementary more than compatible except when it comes to communication and they do make a beautiful couple. Our prayers and blessings are with them along with all the luck they will need Saturn moving towards the zenith in Prince Williams chart which at the very bottom in the chart of Prince Charles, plus the lack of public approval for Camila Parker, may point to Prince Williams being given the highest office with his father's blessings.

However, Prince Williams is also in a major accident configuration which keeps getting touched off every so often by different planets. No astrologer would have recommended this time for the marriage actually and it actually has some legal implications but it is possible that it is being offset by some other themes.

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Hopefully, Scotland Yard is not taking any chances and the danger will be gone after June We will keep updating site as the young Prince is extremely popular and is also coming to the hight of public response. I have a feeling that his accident configuration applies more to his brother Prince Harry more than to himself.

Prince Harry is also knows to take daring chances as well.

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  • Upsets in family coincide with career changes. Divorced parents.

    Royal Wedding and Transits

    Sadness in family. Mother interfering with affection from father. Nervous tension. Unexpected news. Philosophy of life shaped by life-death events.. Concerned for the welfare of the masses. Saturn in Libra shows one of his parents having executive ability probably Prince Charles. Prince Charles and shows that he must be close to his father in terms of his career goals and that his father will help him gain recognition. His Mars-Saturn conjunction in his 9th house makes him susceptible to head injuries while travelling.

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    His accident configuration not only applies to himself but also to his brother and his parents. His Moon-Saturn square also indicates divorced parents and that the mother came in between the affection of the father. This aspect can lead to depressionsand loneliness especially in women. He is just coming out of both the depression and the accident configuration as Saturn is leaving the square to his Moon and Mars.

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    • Prince Harry is now getting the same Saturn-Moon transit Jun. He is very physical and affectionate but reserved as he should be! He is going through an obscure phase right now but will come out more in public in about three years time. Pluto was in his 11th house indicating life death events affecting and redefining all his goals in life. Uranus transiting his first house showed sudden upheavals in personal life. Neptune also in the first house indicated the sad events making him more sensitive to his environment and to the needs of others. Saturn at the very bottom of his chart touched off the major accident configuration in his 9th house, indicated the accident in a foreign country for one of his parents.

      There was also a danger to himself but seemed to reflect his mother's accident. Mars in Scorpio was transiting his 10th house exactly like in the chart of his mother, indicated fame due to life death situations. Jupiter just leaving his first house would have made him more philosophical in life. Your Inner Timing! Your In-depth Personal Profile Report discusses all your strengths, innate potential, limitations, temperament and attitude towards love and other important areas of your life.

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