Science disproving astrology

Unpublished Study of Unaspected Planets (1975)

No one has shown that astrology can be used to predict the future or describe what people are like based on their birth dates.

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NASA goes on to explain what happened. Some 3, years ago, the ancient Babylonians divided the Zodiac into an even 12 pieces.

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It varied immensely. NASA added the thirteenth sign, Ophiuchus, and actually noted the dates when the sun actually passes through each sign, rather than dividing them up evenly and arbitrarily. On its website, NASA explains how, since the axis of the Earth has tilted over the course of 3, years, the dates are slightly different than they were back then, since the path of the sun through the constellations has changed. By James Grebey on September 20, Since Gauquelin, a steady trickle of papers, have appeared, often reported in minor scientific journals.

Fast bowlers, according to another study, were more likely to be born in the first half of the year. Earlier this year, Richard Wisemann, a psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire, published work suggesting summer babies were more likely to consider themselves lucky. Most scientists dismiss Seymour's arguments simply because the changes in the Earth's magnetic field that he believes are so significant for our behaviour are so minute.

Astrology is bullsh*t. NASA's scathing takedown perfectly explains why.

The magnetic field, which is generated by the Earth's spinning molten iron core, is pathetically weak compared with the magnetic fields our gadgets and infrastructure produce. Earlier this year, the government's radiation watchdog, the National Radiological Protection Board, recommended that Britain cut magnetic field exposure from power lines to microteslas, which is still twice the Earth's natural field strength. The field is most disrupted by bad weather on the sun.

A huge magnetic storm there releases clouds of particles that blast Earth. As for seasonal changes that astrologers might unwittingly be picking up on, they do exist, but are so small as to be almost unmeasurable. While Seymour is widely seen as a scientist who has joined the defence of the astrologers, it was an ex-astrologer who helped deliver the most signifiant blow to the credibility of his former profession. Last year, Geoffrey Dean, who left astrology to become a scientist in Perth, carried out what is probably the most robust scientific investigation into astrology ever undertaken.

Science & Astrology - Talk by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

He led a study of 2, people, most born within minutes of one another, and looked at more than different characteristics, ranging from IQ to ability in art and sport, from anxiety levels to sociability and occupation - all of which astrologers claim are influenced by heavenly bodies. He found no evidence of the similarities that astrologers would have predicted.

But despite the intellectual mud-flinging that goes on between many astrologers and scientists, much to the latter's discomfort, science is too blunt a tool to definitively rule out that astrology is bunkum. Some scientists certainly believe there are valid questions to be asked.

Dr Mike Hapgood, an expert in what astronomers refer to as "sun-Earth interactions" at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire, says we have no real data on how, if at all, magnetic fields might affecthuman behaviour. Hapgood argues that it could be folly to dismiss outlandish ideas too easily. You don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. If anyone ever finds a cause, the subject will get out of it's trough and become truly interesting," he says.

Looking at the star signs from a scientific standpoint.

The word "cause" is key. So far, studies that claim to support astrology point out correlations, merely observed links between one happening and another. But correlations do not always point to causes and effects.

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  • And with nothing else to go on, the nature of the real cause and effect can only be speculated upon. Can magnetic fields affect the way an unborn child's brain develops? Undoubtedly if the field is strong enough, but how strong is strong enough?

    NASA: We Didn't Change Your Zodiac Sign, Astrology Isn't Real | Inverse

    And how do we know what difference those changes would make to behaviour? If a simple blast of magnetic field could turn your average unborn child into a future premiership footballer, neuroscientists would be tearing up text books quicker than you can say hippocampus. The problem for those scientists keen on debunking astrology is that designing an experiment to prove one way or another whether the movement of the planets affects us is practically unachievable.

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